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Karen Sargsyan

Karen SargsyanKaren Sargsyan
Instructor, PhD in Physicоmathematical Sciences

2011 /2 months/ Certificate program. “IT management” training. Microsoft Innovation Center, Yerevan.
2011 Certificate program. “Creative and Innovative Management in Business” training. GUA (presented by Univ.Prof.Dr.rer.pob.habil and head of Trigon Development Consultancy Fredrich Glasl), Yerevan.
2010 Certificate program. “MicroPlan Entrepreneurship designed by Making Cents International” workshop. USAID/CAPS Project (presented by Senior Business Development Specialist), Yerevan.
2008 Certificate program. “Institution Building and Human Resource Development for E-Learning 2008-2010” workshop. InWEnt (Capacity Building International, Germany) presented by German experts Hans-Jürgen Weisser and Tim Doll, Yerevan.
2004 PhD, Yerevan State University, Republic of Armenia.
2003 Certificate program. “Human Resources Management” training. N(o)VIB (Netherlands) organized by CTC (presented by European experts), Tbilisi.
2002 Certificate program. “Logical Framework: Program Cycle Management” training. International IDEA (presented by German expert Erik Kijne from PCM group), Yerevan.
2001 Certificate program. “Institutional Analysis Instrument” advanced and Third level training program. World Learning funded by USAID (presented by US expert Vaughn O’Halloran), Yerevan.
2001 Master’s Degree in Sociology. Yerevan State University, Republic of Armenia.
1999 Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. Yerevan State University, Republic of Armenia.

Scale of professional interests and expertise
Development and strategic management of organization, human resources management, conflict management, project design and fundraising, project management, marketing management, advocacy management.


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