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Naira Mkrtchyan

Naira MkrtichyanNaira Mkrtchyan
Lecturer | Chair of Social Philosophy and Ethics

Education (beginning with IHE)
Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, Yerevan State University, 1996-2000, BA
Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology, Yerevan State University, 2000-2002, MA

Academic degree
Candidate (PhD)– “The Sociocultural Causes of Conflicts in Transformative Society”, 2006, Yerevan State University

Professional experience
2009 - present - Docent(Assistant professor), Yerevan State University
2006 - 2009 - Assistant, Yerevan State University
2003 - 2006 - Lecturer, Yerevan State University
Theory of Demographic Transition, Regional Methodological Training, Tbilisi, Georgia, April 14-16, 2005.
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, October 9-13, 2006.
Neuwaldegg Summer Seminar, Metaphysics-Bio-Ethics-Ethics-Political Philosophy, Vienna, Austria, August 5-11, 2007.
“The Role of Philosophy in the Development of Science” /Civic Development and Partnership Foundation, Gavar, Armenia, April 4, 2008.
Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, Germany, 2008, June-August.
Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, November 24-28, 2008.
Ludwig-Maximilians Univresity, Munich, Germany, 2009-2010, November-January.

Academic courses
Principles of Philosophy
Social Philosophy
Moral conflicts
Social Conflicts and Paradoxes
Philosophical problems of Sociology

Scale of professional interests
Philosophical conceptions on Justice, equality, freedom
Morality and politics
Moral theories
Philosophy of society and sociality
Social ontology and epistemology, methodology of Social sciences and Humanities

Armenian, English, Russian, German

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